The road to wellness begins at casper mountain chiropractic


What to expect at your first chiropractic visit

Please plan approximately 60 minutes for your initial visit.


You may click here to complete the online forms to save some time in the office.


After you complete the initial registration process, we will begin to discuss your health concerns and past medical history.
Back pain - Spinal Manipulation in Casper, WY

Physical Examination

A physical exam will be completed, which has two primary components: (1) neurological and orthopedic examinations to determine a clinical diagnosis and. (2) assessment of your posture, muscle function, flexibility and spinal joint function. If diagnostic imaging is indicated, you will be referred to a local facility for the study.

Treatment Planning

The details of your diagnosis will be presented and discussed. Depending upon each patient's preference, we will communicate the details of the examination and treatment plan.


Treatments in our office may include stretches, exercises, therapy modalities (electrical muscle stimulation, TENS, ultrasound), soft tissue relaxation techniques and spinal manipulation/adjustments.
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